driven to create compelling interdisciplinary performance

Studies in Empathy: photo by Jennifer Cormier

experiences that go in through the nose, eyes, skin, ears and mouth

i want to speak, but ...

committed to place and community

photo by NIck Lacy

2011 Profile on All Things Connecticut’s, Spotlight on the Arts

a Hartford-based collaborative dance theater company

relentless: second attempt

Scapegoat Garden

Founded in 2002 by Hartford-native, Deborah Goffe, Scapegoat Garden is a collaborative dance theater company, driven to create compelling interdisciplinary performance that goes in through the nose, eyes, skin, ears and mouth to stir those who witness and participate. Scapegoat Garden seeks to exemplify the innovative, high quality professional dance theater of local communities and to contribute to the ongoing evolution of contemporary dance as a viable American art form. The company strives to forge relationships with artists and communities, helping people see, create and contribute to a greater vision of ourselves, each other and the places we call home.

The Garden Center for Contemporary Dance

From 2011 - 2014, The Garden Center served as home to Scapegoat Garden, a laboratory for creative process, and a much needed space for engagement across Greater Hartford’s dance community. Through The Garden Center, Scapegoat Garden incubated meaningful engagement in and through the art of contemporary dance, ensuring the sustainability of the art form by nurturing its eco-system as a whole. With The Garden Center as inspiration, we look forward to expanding this vision of linking local dance artists to each other, essential resources, extended networks within the field, and to potential audiences throughout the region in the months and years to come.

The Invisible City Project

The Invisible City Project is a web-based platform for celebrating Greater Hartford’s distinct characteristics as expressed through the art of dance and performance. The Invisible City Project sets out to shed light on this Hartford that is often invisible to the naked eye, but inevitably seep into and through the work of its artists. Now is the time to renew interest in our city's buried treasures, working together to unearth the dynamic, culturally rich Hartford that exists right beneath the surface.