Information about upcoming Scapegoat Garden events will be listed here as they become available.

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liturgy|order|bridge | FCDD Faculty Concert | Wednesday, February 28 – Saturday, March 2

Hampshire College | Main Dance Studio Theater | Amherst, MA ~ This emerging work imagines dance as the organizing principle in a liturgy (a ritualized public ceremony) designed to stir societal stuck places. The work seeks to reconcile the relationship between the expressive body, imagination, faith, liberation, and aesthetic impulse. What does dance do (not in service to some other discipline, but in and of itself)? What if there was an religious order comprised of dance practitioners called to enact powerful rituals that dance alone can enact? Do such dances shift the space between realms and between people? Can contemporary dance practice effect… read more

Privy Performance Salon #4 | Sunday, December 10 at 6pm

Garden Center North | Holyoke, MA ~ Privy is a solo work conceived and performed by Deborah Goffe (Founder/Director, Scapegoat Garden) in collaboration with Kelly Silliman (Co-Direction and Dramaturgy) and Maritza Ubides (Technical Direction). This multimedia experience is framed within a salon format which invites an intimate group of guests to share in food, conversation and the unfolding of personal story through the piece itself. Privy calls witnesses to collectively attend to the ways we might hold space for others’ vulnerabilities in this and other contexts. Attendance at Privy performance salons are by invitation only. If you are interested in… read more